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100 E-Staples (Biodegradable)

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6" Staple for securing straw blankets and other products to the earth. total 100 stakes.

Quantity 100

E-Staple’s unique composition sets it apart from other 100% biodegradable staples. E-Staples are comprised of a natural plastic that originates from materials that are abundantly grown in the UnitedStates. E-Staple composition is Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) plastic that is made from plant sugars and oils. ”Natural plastics” eliminate the use of petroleum-based materials, which ultimately helps reduce our dependency on oil. This innovative composition produces unique and unmatched physical and chemical features and benefits. All of these features and benefits, along with independent pull out testing results vs. other turf staples, are detailed in the E-Staple TechNote.

E-staples breakdown in the soil in 8 - 24 months depending on site conditions

Typical Applications

  • Wetland and irrigation areas
  • Coastal projects
  • Golf course construction
  • Airport construction
  • Environmentally sensitive projects
  • Mowing applications
  • Use with Curlex® NetFree™ for a 100% biodegradable project