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Chaser Turf Herbicide

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This is a long time industry favorite that works well in the cool seasons of the year in the north.

If your having trouble controlling weeds in your turf areas this is a great product to rotate in to your program.

16.5% of triclopyr

34.4% of 2-4D

A superior cool weather broadleaf herbicide. It is an ester formulation that controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds including hard-to-kill weeds that other herbicides will not.

Black medic Bull thistle (a) Burdock (a) Buttercup (a) Canada thistle (a) Catnip Chamise Chickweeds (common and mouseear) Chicory Cinquefoil Clovers Cocklebur Cornflower Cornspeedwell (b) Creeping beggarweed Dandelion Docks Dwarf beggarweed Field bindweed Goldenrod Ground ivy (b) Henbit Knawel Lambsquarters Lespedeza Matchweed Mustards (a) Oxalis (stricta and corniculata) (b) Plantain Poison ivy Poison oak Prostrate spurge (b) Purslane speedwell Smartweed Sowthistle Spiderwort Spotted catsear Vetch Wild carrot (a) Wild violet (b) Yarrow

(a), (b)—See "Broadcast Treatment of Residential, Commercial, and Recreational Turf and Commercial Sod Farms"

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