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Curlex Sediment Log 12" x 10'

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Each log is 12" in height and 10' long. A fraction of the weight your typical mulch sock. Environmentally-friendly, bio-degradable, naturally seed-free Curlex Sediment Log allows water to filter through(not underneath) the diameter of the porous, interlocking fiber log matrix. As it does, velocity is reduced and sediment is collected on the upstream side of the excelsior fiber log.

Sediment Logs are comprised of an outside containment fabric that is filled with unique, 100% wood, Curlex fibers. Curlex fibers are manufactured from Great Lakes Aspen trees. The fibers are curled with soft interlocking barbs and 80% will be 6 inches or longer in length. Sediment logs are very flexible and shape to the contour of the terrain.