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Duo Stick

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The Duo Stick Select is specially formulated for use with herbicides and other pesticides that require MSO or MVO. It features a definite, high quality blend of methylated soybean oil (MSO) and organisilicone surfactant (OSS). The oil serves as a major penetrant that supports particular pesticides in shifting through the waxy cuticle of leaves and plants for optimal efficiency. Furthermore, the organisilicone surfactant boosts the distribution and wetting of the applied solution to allow the active move rapidly and directly to the plant. Duo Stick Select is best used to rights of way, forestry site preparation applications, turf and ornamentals, aquatic/submerged, aquatic/surface, and agriculture and citrus.


Duo Stick Select is designed for use with herbicides and may be used when the pesticide label calls for an MVO or MSO, but does not exclude the use of an organosilicone.

Good For Quinclorac and Prosedge

As with all spray applications, be certain the mix tank and spray equipment is clean and free from previous spray solution residues.

Always follow the pesticide label instructions for mixing and use. If no mixing instructions are available, add tank mix partners in the following order, maintaining agitation throughout the mixing process:

Water to 3/4 of target volume

AMS, fertilizers and micronutrients

If foaming is anticipated, add antifoaming agent

Water soluble actives (dry flowables, granules, etc.)

Flowable and water soluble actives

Duo Stick Select

Water to desired target volume

See Product Label for specific use rates.