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Harmful vegetation can ruin the best crops and farmlands. Protect your crops and land accordingly with our weed killer equipment and products. We offer safe and non-toxic herbicides to ensure you and your animals are not harmed in the process of eliminating pesky plants.

We understand the difference between controlling weeds at both the pre-emergent and post-emergent stages, and we offer products that will help you get the job done right during both periods of time. With our herbicide products, you can protect the plants you want to keep while eliminating ones that are harmful to your crops.

Several of our products are DIY herbicides, ensuring that you can apply them with ease. Why pay for a professional application when Green Control Supply can give you the tools to do it yourself at home? Offered at low prices and with fast shipping options, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase of our products.

Herbicides are temporarily out of stock, please call 330-773-3233 for more information.

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