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Ice Melt For Sidewalks

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Winter 2016 Special; order 20 bags or more, and get free shipping in Northeast Ohio

Make your walkways safe this winter. We deliver right to your door in just a couple of days. Our ice melt spreads easily with just about any spreader. It has constant particle size that you can rely on again and again. When it gets cold down to the negative temperatures our product keeps on working. Your customers will notice the difference.

  • Melts Fast
  • Keeps on Working...
  • Contains Multiple melting agents for both fast and extended melting power.
  • Safer for use on parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and steps

Ingredient C.A.S. No. Percent

Sodium Chloride 7647-14-5 >87%

Calcium Chloride 10043-52-4 5 - 10%

Magnesium Chloride 7791-18-6 3 - 5%

Potassium Chloride 7447-40-7 1%

D.O.T. Hazard Class: Not considered hazardous